Sigma P Ltd. is established 2001 as assignee of the activity, executed by Sigma Ltd., Sofia City, in the period 1994 – 2001.

Sigma P Ltd. has the full resource of high qualified professionals and contemporary technologies to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding client. The driving forces of carefully selected team of professionals are the enthusiasm, the ambition and the creativity. Customers of Sigma P Ltd. expect the full understanding of their needs, professional approach to solving their problems, original ideas for the realization of their projects. Sigma P Ltd. appreciates the time of the client and builds the image of a loyal and honest partner, who meets the commitments within the prescribed terms.

The main activities developed by the company are construction of residential and office buildings, interior repairs, reconstruction and renovation of old buildings, laying the flooring on "Ryutel" system.

Completed and put into operation are more than 24 000 square meters homes, offices, shops and underground garages.

After the introduction of different food shops /Kaufland, Penny, Carrefour, Plus, Lidl/ there is a need for laying of flooring in vibration method. In 2007 the company sent to Germany staff for training to implement a pavement system Ryutel. For the period 2008-2010 we executed in Bulgaria over 65 000 square meters floor coverings.




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